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A SHARE HOLDER FRIENDLY company, by the title INDIAN BAZAARS ABROAD”, (IBA) has been incorporated , with registered office address:- 4Q; 4th Floor; D.C.M. Building; 16, Barakhamba Road; (Connaught Place) New Delhi – 110001; INDIA. The company also has a warehouse at Delhi. 

As an exporter, We have a unique vision of conquering the European markets and the winning hearts of European people by promoting & providing easy access of quality Indian products. We want every single European to be aware of INDIA AS THE OLDEST CIVILISATION OF THE WORLD, WORLD’S LARGEST DEMOCRACY; THE CONCEPT OF UNITY & DIVERSITY CO-EXISTING, THE RICH CULTURE INDIA HOLDS ; INDIAN HISTORY & TRADITIONS. The country that was once recognized by the world as , THE GOLDEN BIRD.

Currently our base port to Europe is Romania. IBA has incorporated a company in the name of S.C. EVA EXPO S.R.L . This Company has been operating successfully for the past 2 years. The Romanian TV channels & newspapers have come to proclaim this company as the “UNIVERSE OF INDIA”. The reasons are obvious. S.C. EVA EXPOS.R.L has set its targets and has been successfully performing towards its goals of :-

  • Having a Centralized Control system
  • Bringing in enhanced sophistication in the process of stake holder selection and that of Items /Products.
  • Proactively planning and aggressively promoting programs starting from retail sales and extending to whole-sales & exports.
  • Participation in various exhibitions by the company has added to its promotion & goodwill.

Being in the Romanian market for the past two years S.C. EVA EXPO S.R.L. has laid a firm foundation and consistently improvising on its service oriented architecture by IMPORTING GOODS ONLY FROM INDIA and dealing in everything from ladies bangles; marble and brass product, home furnishings; inner garments; garments ( ladies, gents & children for both winter and summer seasons ) ; shoes; leather products & jewellery and thus promoted as “UNIVERSE OF INDIA”. The company is administered by two Romanian staffs and Akshey Gupta & one Romanian as partners/Owner. Dedicated work force is already in place that efficiently manages the undertaken projects as visualized by the company. The management has a sound knowledge of the local rules and regulations as applicable, both theoretical & practical and uses them in the best interest of all concerned. The company and the team are in complete understanding & harmony with the local traditions and customs of the people and have the highest regard and respect for them.S.C. EVA EXPO S.R.L . has eventually become a synonym to genuine Indian products in Romania.

The Indian Bazaar

The concepts envisioned by The "INDIAN BAZAARS ABROAD”, extensively cover the Commercial & Cultural Aspects, which are very much in favor of India.

  • China town is losing its glitter and ”INDIAN BAZAARS ABROAD”,, shall be dealing ONLY in Indian Products.
  • Indian products and people are preferred over the rest of the world because of their simplicity and down to earth nature.
  • Indian systems and economy is now seen and recognized as GROWING.
  • India is seen as a favoured destination for foreign investment.
  • The future is bright as the rest of the world sees us as an upcoming and an important nation in the near future - strategically located , economically sound, truly democratic , rich in natural resources, a mystical country and backed by men power with intellect and skill.
  • I.B.A.’s motive and aim is to capitalize on the present scenario and not to lose this opportunity. To be the center for warehousing, display and sales of Genuine Indian products falling under the commercial category. Display the rich Indian Heritage, cultural values and ethos, customs and traditions, social aspects and various other unique characteristics of Indian society. Showcase and highlight the revolution in India’s growth in all aspects, in the fields of Industry, agriculture, science & technology. It will also to project the potential that India holds for Industrial & economical growth in the near future and high light it as a preferred destination for foreign investment.

Promote India as a preferred destination for foreign investment. Besides we will also encourage more Indians to tour Europe and help / assist their tours by helping them with formalities such as visas; ticketing, accommodation & other issues that they maybe facing because of their introvert nature or lack of knowledge / unawareness.

Provide a stable and consistent platform wherein people from Europe & India can consider the company "INDIAN BAZAARS ABROAD”, as a bridge , with easy & personal access to clear any doubts that they may have. In this regards the company will take up all issues – personal or general.

Establish and promote the wide range of Indian food delicacies that include tasty, healthy and hygienic cuisines from across South India, North India, Mughlai and the eastern and western parts. Will also promote understanding of YOGA and USE OF AYURVEDIC APPLICATIONS.