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Present & the Future

At present we are mainly concentrating on East European Countries which include Romania, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain & Ukraine.

To have a very good display & showcase India, a one time expense of 7.5 crores is required. Of this amount, 80% would be on purchase of REAL ESTATE and is 100% safe. In fact is less an expense and more of an investment. Once Romania is included in Schengen states, (possibly by the year ending 2012) the real estate value will at-least double if not triple. Further the purchased place shall be commercial in nature to showcase INDIA, ths also minimizing our fixed overheads. In Romania it is relatively easy to obtain the planning permission. Any land or plot of land can be quickly transformed from agricultural to erecting business and Expo structures. With the creation of the Bucharest Metropolitan Area the other big cities would quickly follow suit. The towns and villages are slowly but steadily transforming to become potential business hubs.

The Future is more promising for the potential business investor and product seller. The Eastern Europe now is no longer under the iron curtains of communism and free market and trade are being encouraged by every nation especially Romania. Romania right now is on the verge of implementing the acquis communautaire which will go a long way in opening business opportunities for the Indian products. Further Romanians in general have a liking for India and its mystic nature; its civilization; the economic growth, the political democratic nature and its food delicacies. It would be surprising for you to know that everyday there is at least 3 hours of telecast of popular Indian T.V. serials with sub titles and a Hindi movie with subtitles every Sunday. Taj, Agra Palace & Karishma are few of the Indian Restaurants in Bucharest. How can I forget mentioning ICCB – Indian Cricket Club, Bucharest.

Our FUTURE focus is on the rest of Europe and South Africa. We shall effectively & efficiently capture the entire European market to promote and sell Indian products. Our strategy includes

  • Proactive market research in emerging European continent for Indian Products.
  • Promote Indian products on electronic and print media
  • Anchor and host exhibitions, seminars and Expos where in Indian product manufacturers and dealers can successfully launch their existing and new products
  • Conduct and co-ordinate Indian Cultural, economical and other festivals and forums in Europe
  • Promote Indo-European, people to people collaboration and co-operation at all levels
  • Establish a firm foundation and provide state of the art infrastructural facilities for product selling
  • Enhance the warehousing capabilities to house more export and exhibition related products and artefacts from India, to make easy availability of these goods in Europe.

Products & Services

"INDIAN BAZAARS ABROAD”,promotes and sells your products from India in Europe. The range of products we are capable of handling is unlimited and includes Traditional and Modern Indian Garments and Fabrics, Indian Art, paintings, musical instruments, sculpture, artefacts, Jewellery, gems and other related golden and metallic items from different parts of India, Indian Carpets, curtains, shawls, foot mats, hand bags and other coir and non-coir based products, Indian Leather products like shoes, bags , purses, hand bags and other accessories, Indian bamboo based products, Indian bridal wear and Ayurvedic Products. Any new Indian product you are planning to launch in the prosperous European Markets.

Our services include

  • Import Goods From India To Europe In A Big Way.
  • Organize, exhibit & give demonstration of Indian products.
  • Have a representative office of your company in Europe.
  • Promoting Indian products through ONLINE; SHOP DISPAY; WAREHOUSING & EXHIBITIONS.
  • You Pay Huge Sums For Display Of Your Products In Indian Trade Fairs (Noida & Pragati Maiden). With Us Your Goods Are Diaplayed Right At The Doorsteps Of Potential Buyers At No Cost. Even Duties & Transportation Cost Is To Our Account.
  • Help you with participation in trade fairs as also storage of left over goods after the events, in Europe.
  • Custom Clearance For Export And Import Goods In India and Europe.
  • Pave Way For Promotion & Sales Of Indian Products.
  • Create Brands For Indian Goods In Europe.
  • Participiate In Trade Fairs All Over Europe.
  • Facilitate-Business Visits To Europe, Accommodation & Arrange Meetings Of Indians And European Businessmen.
  • Door to door delivery of export goods from Delhi – India to any other city / address in Europe.

Origin & Present Status

The founder of I.B.A. , Mr. Akshey Gupta was appointed an administrator of s.c. Indus Trade Services SRL. ,in August 2008. An European company, incorporated by Federation of Indian Export Organisation – FIEO, in Romania to promote exports to East European Countries. This project was sponsored by Ministry Of Commerce. He submitted his resignation in January 2009 and incorporated a company in Romania by the title S.C. EVA EXPO S.R.L. , in Ploiesti, the oil capital of Romania. It is 35Kms from the international airport – Otopeni and 55Kms from the capital city, Bucharest.

Now we have embarked on a prestigious project and plan to open an INDIAN BAZAAR in line with CHINA TOWNS which have blossomed all over the world. The difference being that the concept of INDIAN BAZAAR would be

  • To have a centralised control system.
  • More sophisticated in selection of stakeholders and the items / products.
  • Proactive, planned & aggressive promotion programmes, so as to not only restrict itself to retail sales but also undertake whole-sales , exports and participation in various exhibitions, ALL OVER EUROPE.

This Indian Bazaar will have the added advantage of the good-will & experience of the company S.C. EVA EXPO S.R.L. which has been extensively covered by Romanian newspaper & T.V. Channels. Copy of the last few newspaper covers, IS HEREUNDER FOR YOUR REVIEW / PERUSAL.

The Company in Newsprint

In the 2 years of its existence, ES.C. EVA EXPO S.R.L. has been importing goods only from India & promoted as UNIVERSE OF INDIA. This company is administered by 2 Romanian staff and owned by myself and one Romanian, as partners / owner .We have experienced men power to undertake the project as envisaged, with the required understanding of the local rules & regulations in force.


  • Centre for display & sale of Indian products – COMMERCE
  • Display of Indian heritage, culture & social aspects of Indian society.
  • Showcase India’s growth in the recent decade & the future it holds.
  • Improve tourism
  • Easy access to knowledge and understanding of India, to the East European block / Nordic countries.

Indian Restaurant.

Romanian Television show cases Indian serials and movies for three hours every day. As such, Romanian people show hospitality and love for Indian people and culture. This is also clear from trade fairs such as “ NAMASTE INDIA” which is held annually in at-least 2 major cities , one being the capital – BUCHAREST. Details of which can be seen on Internet.

To have a very good display & showcase India, a one time expense of 7.5 crores is required. Of this amount, 80% would be on purchase of REAL ESTATE and is 100% safe.. Infact is less an expense and more of an investment. Once Romania is included in Schengen states, (possibly by the year ending 2012) the real estate value will at-least double if not triple. Further the purchased place shall be commercial in nature to showcase INDIA.

Present Physical Layout

The company will also have its own 2 bedroom accommodation fully furnished; a showroom in Bucharest and its own car and a pick up truck. We are trying for financial aid from the Government but in the meantime have floated a closely held firm by the title "INDIAN BAZAARS ABROAD”,, Registered Address: 4Q; 4th Floor; D.C.M. Building ; 16, Barakhamba Road ( Connaught Place , New Delhi – 110001; INDIA. The minimum amount required to be a part of this project is one time payment of Rupees 25 thousand only and that too is refundable after 3 years, at the discretion of any of the parties for life time membership.

Your being a part of this prestigious project is solicited.

Lifetime Membership Benefits

  • All your display items / shipments shall be accepted on DOOR TO DOOR basis once delivered in Delhi. All payments of custom clearance , freight & duties at destination shall be borne by ”INDIAN BAZAARS ABROAD”,, which shall be deducted from the sale proceeds before remitting the same in your bank accounts through SWIFT TRANSFER.
  • Free storage of 10 boxes of dimensions 60 x45 x45 cms. Or equivalent volume space.
  • Ear marked display area of 1.5 Sq. M. for your products.
  • Safe custody and accountability of your products /goods, other than force majeure circumstances.
  • Advertising your products and undertaking sales of your products and display. The company will also be participating in trade fairs all over Europe.
  • As the complex will be fully geared with all basic infrastructure and men power – all general requirements like , photocopy; e.mail; internet facility , interpreter/ translator etc., which is business related , shall be free of cost.
  • The sales through the centre (retails; wholesales; exhibition OR exports) will attract 10% commissions on sales, for maintenance and salaries.
  • Each member will be entitled to 2 nights free stay in Romania with pickup facility from airport ( conditions apply )

All these facilities will BE PROVIDED TO you within 3 months of your payment.